El pasado domingo 7 de diciembre presentamos en Rotterdam el último número (hasta la fecha) de Papermind.
Una edición especial Holanda editada gracias al esfuerzo de Daphne Heemskerk y Sissel Langeveld bajo el título ORGANIZED LIFE.
La presentación y performance tuvo lugar en la Galeria RUIM, en Rotterdam.
En breve tendremos ejemplares en la ciudad condal...nos os durmais si os quereis hacer con uno.


Yomar Augusto (BR)
no title
This image came from SIMPLEX project number 01, is a fragment of one big canvas, where I explore calligraphy as the main technique, mainly drawing numbers and shapes who looks like numbers. Flipping it I found water!

Baschz (NL)
Artfified to-do list

Jan Ciecierski (PL)
The Decay of Social Life
The society is split in two major groups: an underdeveloped mass absorbed by consumerism; and an educated group aiming for money and career and playing the role of the ‘new aristocracy’. The average citizen is focused on mass consumerism. Advertisements, celebrities, tempt him to satisfy his needs with shopping. Choked by the supply, he forgets about the fundamental values of society - the social life. The wealthy group of the society controls the money and information flow and the terms for public debate, but in fact only cares about covering its individual greed. The society falls apart into autonomic individuals hating each other.

Janneke Evers (NL)
Where’s my house?
Houses all look a like. When I was a child, I could get lost in these districts. Never walk too far because next street looks the same as yours and hey, where’s my house? Some things get too organized… I started to photograph these houses because I was fascinated by them. Now I made a memory game of this.

Rob Giesendorf (NL)
Islands in the stream
In an attend to get complete grip on their lives, certain people tend to desperately find answers to the big questions on human existence. To them: listen to Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton and end the ridiculous quest for spiritual satisfaction instantaneously.

Hans Gremmen (NL)
The beauty of failure: These misprints were found at WyberZeefdruk in Amsterdam. They are test sheets that the printer uses to print ‘real’ posters. They represent the counter-balance of structure and rationality. They are illogical, poetic, and unique. But never would have existed without structure and rationality.

Stefan Hanser (DE)
The Torture Garden
Visual essay based on the novel ‘The Cement Garden’ by Ian McEwan, 1978. The grim and cold city environ-ment and nowadays unmoral and superficial society forces the adolenscent Jack to live in a world of isolation. Turned away from the outside, he builds up his own virtual reality in the internet. Communication takes place in anegoshooter community and chats on porn-sites, leading to a loss of reality and squalor.

Daphne Heemskerk (NL)
An homage to the phonebook
(1884 - 2008)

The phonebook is becoming a disregarded medium. Looking up phone numbers and addresses on paper are overtaken by search engines. This results into different approaches towards the usage of data, i.e. searching, browsing and restrictions.
125 homages / 4 phonebooks / selected city Rotterdam

Jochem Joosse
Maroccanus vaginalus

Marloes de Laat & Roel Vaessen
The quick black birds are moving from north to south

Sissel Langeveld (NL)
Life Structure
Rules to give certainty work oppressive and restrict freedom of human thought and act. It paralysis all layers of society. The government suppresses the responsibility of its citizens. Unintentionally, it stimulates fear and mistrust which leads people to retreat and hide in an impregnable fortress. In our extremely structured society failing to communicate will lead to chaos!

Rob van Leijsen (NL)
At first sight, ants look like unstructured insects who walk around useless. Nevertheless, their life is completely structured. The ant is a very social ‘superorganism’, beter organised than humanity itself. This poster is about the unimaginable devotion of the ant towards it’s species.

Gabri Luyer (NL)
CCTV as a modern society

Nanne Meulendijks (NL)
Playing Poker
Acrylic on paper
21 x 29,7 cm

Olivier Otten (NL)
One frame
is a 5 second interactive animation of 25 frames per second. Each copy of Papermind #8 contains one unique frame.

Roeland Otten (NL)
My life is a fucking mess

Rixt Reitsma (NL)
Perfect letter
This letters contains several layers stiched to each other. The stitches make perforation lines. Because of this the cut out lines can be changed. Practice makes perfect!

Niels Schrader (DE/VE)
Ordnung ist das halbe Leben, Chaos das ganze!A tidy house, a tidy mind

Lisette Spee (NL)
What’s on my mind, paper?
The drawing is placed upon a letter, in which I placed all my frustrations about someone I had long ago. It
helped to write it down. Mostly you try to keep such negative thoughts to yourself, but at this moment, the drawing really needed these words to compensate the exaggerated grace.

Trash & Trees (NL)
Manage your crisis

Jeroen Veenstra (NL)
No title
As a journalist my life and work is orche­strated around a certain organized system called: alphabet. The alphabet is always there to organize my articles around and therefore I can always rely on it.
Although! One change! And organization is fucked up!

Lorelinde Verhees (NL)
What they have to say
30 * 45 b&w print cut-out eye

Loes Verstappen (NL)
For the paper minded
Linda van der Vleuten (NL)
Not celebrated as an organized worker